6 Apr 2020

John Hill & Co are today launching a fun challenge in order to help you promote your business on our Facebook page
Tell us in a 19 second video clip how you have adapted your business to meet the challenges of COVID-19. We would love to hear how you are doing things and how customers can still access your product or service.
There will be a prize for the best video – which we will announce on 30 April. A cash prize of $500 and a case of Corona beers (or a bottle of champagne if you prefer) will be awarded
The video requirements are:
1.The video should be:
a.19 seconds long (thereabouts)
b.Entertaining and informative
2.Let us know more about how you have adapted your business to meet the new social distancing challenges
3.Like our Facebook page
4.Load your clip to your social media (Facebook/Instagram) and tag John Hill and Co and use the hashtag #johnhillandcovideo
If you want help filming your clip we are more than happy to come to you and do the filming – just send an email to
Send us a quick email to let us know you have posted a clip so we can share on our page.
Good luck!