Commercial leases can be long term, short term, complex or straightforward. Consistent income and occupancy are a large part of the puzzle but there is much more to consider when leasing your commercial property. Our leasing specialists listen carefully to understand your long term intentions for your property investment and work with you to achieve those goals.

Firstly, commercial leases are generally for a long period of time. Often a property is leased for multiple, consecutive terms with options to renew. It is our role as leasing agents to secure you a fair and equitable rent for your property, and ensure your rental income meets the market for the duration of the tenancy.

We believe in net leases as the best mechanism to protect owners. Outgoings and increases in outgoings must be captured in order ensure security in annual income. Annual increases and periodic market reviews require expert advice by people in the marketplace every day. 

Additional items to be considered include: bonds. bank guarantees, incentives, usage, improvements, guarantors to name a few. A good property investment relies on tight lease terms, negotiated for and on behalf of you, the owner, in line with your long term intentions for the property. 

Qualification of tenants is also something John Hill & Co takes seriously. New businesses and established companies are treated equally and must provide appropriate bank guarantees and insurances. We recommend individually drafted leases from your solicitors to best protect your asset,