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commercial Property Management


Commercial property management is not a simple business, however they should not be your problem - that is what a professional property manager does for you. John Hill & Co's dedicated property management team manage commercial properties throughout Sydney. 


Here's a summary of how we can help:

Firstly and we want to ensure that you, as the owner, have your property tenanted and rent is being paid on time. You also deserve accurate and timely communication, like phone calls and emails being returned. There are many other responsibilities we undertake as property managers, but let us concentrate on these two items first.

Arrears control starts with good automated systems.

At John Hill & Co we have finessed our systems over our 30 years of experience to achieve the best results for our owners. 

Firstly, we issue clear, easy to read invoices for rent ahead of time so tenants know what their obligations are. 

Secondly, follow ups are automatically issued using a system of letters, emails, sms and phone calls.

Thirdly, if these are not successful we call you to discuss our options. For genuine short term cash flow problems, the answer may be an extension of time or, for more serious concerns, it may involve terminating the lease and taking possession. Whatever the decision, actions need to be swift and with clear timetables in place. The decision to act is always up to you as the owner. In our experience however it is better to tackle problems early.

An empty property can be a serious drain on cash flow

As soon as we are aware a property needs to be renewed or released, it is handed over to our specialist leasing team. These dedicated people are in the leasing marketplace day in day out and know who is in the market for new space. They can also advise on what promotional activities are recommended. Most importantly, they move quickly. 

Navigating the red tape

Now those areas are taken care of there are other tasks in managing your property which will keep you compliant with the myriad of legislation and regulations governing landlords and also enhance your return on investment.

  1. Accounting -  Monthly statements and EFT banking are the basics. We are also able to account either in Accrual or Cash. Data can be paper statements or downloads to your inhouse software. For larger buildings we can report comparisons  to budget and previous years for income and detailed outgoings.
  2. Repairs and maintenance - Where the owner has a  clear responsibility for a repair or service, this should be done quickly in a professional and cost  effective manner. Again we do this work everyday all day and can arrange quotations and schedule work with the best contractors. It is our policy that all contractors are insured.
  3. Outgoings - We pay outgoings for you, which are shown on the monthly statement and financial year summary.
  4. Cost recovery - Many leases allow for the tenant to be charged for specific costs or increase in costs. They will be invoiced and collected by our team.
  5. Fixed increases in rent and other lease obligations are calculated and invoiced in a timely manner.
  6. Options and market reviews should be negotiated as early as possible. Again our systems alert both the owner and ourselves when these are due.
  7. Compliance Issues -  Depending on the property, this may include Annual Fire Safety Returns, OH&S reports, Cooling Tower Chemical Reports or Energy Efficiency Ratings, among others.
  8. Insurance - There are no favours in being loyal to insurance companies. Quotations need to be obtained periodically to ensure competitive tension and fair premiums. We use an experienced broker to source competitive quotations for you.
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