Every transfer of a property is different - each property is unique and each buyer and seller has different requirements. We have the people and the knowledge to help you through.

The sales process begins with a thorough assessment of the property and consideration of the owner’s situation.

  • Who are the likely buyers?
  • Is it a possible development site? Should it be sold with adjoining properties?
  • When do you wish/need settlement?
  • When do leases expire?
  • How many people are involved in the decision and what are their wishes?
  • Are there impairments to the property? (Contamination, easements, orders etc). Can we remove them or how best should they be disclosed?
  • What positives have you experienced with the property?

When all the factors have been discussed and we fully understand your needs we can move to the decision as to how the property is going to be marketed. Our sales team is experienced in all methods of marketing and can give recommendations based on recent first hand experience, whether it be private treaty, auction, or tender.

Sometimes it is possible to just list a property online and it sells, but that is not the usual  experience. People are time poor, and the internet is now so crowded, a well planned marketing campaign is essential to reach the maximum number of potential buyers. We will tailor a campaign to cover the market in a wide but cost effective way, simultaneously targeting our highly qualified database of purchasers and investors.

We believe strongly in exclusive agency. Our experience with multiple agents on a property has not been a happy one, for us, or our clients. Put simply, if agents are competing with each other to introduce the same buyer they can only do that if the buyer believes they will do a better deal for themselves through that agent. That means a worse deal for you, the seller. Unless you have a sophisticated system of nominations from agents you will invariably be involved in multiple claims for agency fees.

Our fees are traditionally paid by the seller of a property. There are times, however, where a purchaser may want us to negotiate for them, bid for them at auction or maybe seek out a particular type of property. We have acted in this capacity on behalf of clients for many years and are happy to discuss your requirements.